Atrion’s experience and manufacturing capabilities allow us to take a product from concept to delivery.



Atrion has injection and insert molding capabilities. Our state of the art precision electric injection molding machines range from 60 to 300 tons. Our experienced molding staff works with multiple tool shops to obtain the best molds possible for each job. MoldFLOW® Part Advisor and Thermal packages are utilized to optimize both component and mold designs for all new applications.

CE Room Assembly:

Atrion has 4 controlled environment rooms that meet Class 8 particulate requirements for medical device assembly. Our capabilities include snap fit, solvent and adhesive bonding, ultrasonic welding, pad and ink jet printing, hot stamping, sterile packaging and labeling. Depending on the specific product, we have both manual or fully automated assembly services.

Automation Assembly:

High volume products demand high volume assembly solutions. Atrion uses high speed automated assembly systems as the product’s annual volume and market conditions demand it.

Sterile Packaging and Labeling:

All sterile packaging is done under controlled environment conditions. Once packaging is complete, products are palletized and shipped to one of several sterilization contractors. Atrion’s labeling for sterile products is under direct control of its Quality Assurance Department to insure accuracy and precision. Labels are generated using EASYLABEL® software.

Kitting and Distribution:

Atrion’s Kitting and Distribution Department offers customers kitting and distribution services with the option of a customer dedicated call center for direct personal service to the field. Our representatives pride themselves in knowing their customers (your sales people or customers) on a first-name basis. Other kitting service options include purchasing and managing customer inventory, supplying custom kits and providing monthly reports for monitoring inventory, sales and sales rep performance.

Program Management:

Each project is assigned a Program Manager to lead Atrion’s cross-functional team to ensure that all projects are brought to market in a timely, cost-effective and high-quality manner. Program Managers are the customers’ “voice” and are the vital communication link between our customer and the internal project team throughout the business relationship.